Vanessa and Ingrid

Do we look the part?
One day two sisters were having a drink checking out each others photos from a fab weekend at the beach, flicking through cookbooks, gossiping a wee bit, coming up with a trillion ideas to live a life less ordinary and we kinda stumbled on an idea to throw all the things we love to do together into a pot and that's how our food blog was created.
Three years later and we have thrown three more kids into the mix - Vanessa has two boys, Jake four and a half years, Leo three months and Ingrid, a boy, Rhys two and a half years and a girl, Eliza, also three months (yip, we even have kids nine days apart!).
How on earth we have managed to post anything on our food blog, or publish three ranges of recipe cards, a handful of magazine features and articles, and a huge stack of food photographs is beyond us!
I guess it's because we love food, writing about it, making it, styling it and photographing it.
We hope you enjoy our blog, try a few recipes, and let us know what you think.


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