Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breakfast for the busy working mums!

I struggle every morning with breakfast. I usually don't feel like it for at least an hour after waking BUT I am usually en route to daycare - in the car.
I LOVE stopping at my local cafe but its becoming a habit that is affecting my pocket and waist! So time to think up solutions....
I am a savoury person, I don't do cereal and I love my coffee - oh yeah I also try to eat reasonably healthy (He He)

Buy the best rolls/bread you can find - ie Ciabatta, Pane Di Casa (bakers delight) - I don't like the doughy and airy bread so I hunt out something with a bit of guts to it!
Also buy ham, a nice cheese like Jalsberg, mustard and/or mayo.
Sunday evening - make up your buns. Wrap them first in baking paper and then tin foil and throw them into the freezer.
I found if you just do tin foil the cheese sticks and if you just do paking paper, you end up with spillage!
Keep one out for breakfast/lunch the next day though...

Now in the morning all I do is put it into my panini/toasted sandwich maker fresh or frozen and throw it into my handbag and eat it whilst on the way or when I arrive at work.
I often end up sharing it with Jake!

Coffee - after trying many plastic takeaway cups and having leaks, cold coffee, burnt my mouth or spilt it in the car, I discovered "keepcups" They are about $20, look cool and you can choose your own colours. The coffee doesn't seem to stay as hot as a cafe takeaway flat white BUT does the trick as I drink it pretty fast! Roll on Friday when I am kid less and will stop at the cafe!


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  1. Love it Ingrid. Have to meet up with ya both! Dave Lewis x