Sunday, February 6, 2011

what do you do with a giant zucchini?

The adventures of Rhys and the giancchini

We left for our camping holiday, after giving the garden a full soak, thinking what a nice surprise it will be to come back eight days later to a plant full of zucchini's. But we never expected the prize winning door stop that confronted us.  So what do you do with a giant zucchini, courgette or is it now a marrow?

Well my son thought whoooheeee, tackle, drop and roll, and had so much fun weight lifting it around the garden. How do you explain to a 15 month old, that his new favourite toy is soon to be lunch.

The word marrow, conjures up images of, well, bone marrow, so I'm calling this bad boy, giancchini and I thought to make full use of the whole thing, I grated it and turned it into fritters for lunch with the neighbour and her three kids. Result!

Perfect for an unplanned lunch and got the thumbs up from the kids, but sadly, Rhys keeps looking for his friend.

Gianchini fritters
made around 16
1 extra large zucchini (4 medium or 6 small) grated
1 red onion
1tsp garlic (diced finely)
3 eggs
10 tbsp flour (plain) approx enough to make it into a batter
salt/pepper (to taste)
coriander or parsley (chopped)
lemons/ limes (for garnish/ squeezing on top)
Oil for frying

Grate the zucchini, and leave to sit in a colander, squeezing out the extra liquid (there will be lots!) add salt. In a bowl, add onion, garlic, eggs, pepper. Mix. Add grated courguette and freshly chopped herbs. Add flour to make a batter. Spoon into medium hot pan, 3 - 4 mins each side or until golden. Add more herbs for garnish and serve with sliced lemons or limes.

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