Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs...

Happy Easter to you all and have a wonderful 4 day weekend...

What a busy last few weeks we have had. We have been shooting foodie images for a possibility of a magazine purchasing some of our shots.Raw has overtaken JPEG and I have been experimenting with my sisters F1.8 lens. Both of us have been hanging around Mitre 10 and Bunnings as well as scouring the inorganic collections on the side of the road for interesting stuff to use in our images. The men in our lives must be wondering...

Easter has come out of nowhere.

Being a teacher in my other life, the school holidays are a BIG bonus. Easter has fallen in the middle this year so as far as hols its same same.

For the Easter season, my family always get together on the Sunday to have a BBQ brunch. Mum gets delicious sausages from a secret butchers, Dad usually hits the seafood markets and its a casual family affair. Coffee is more important than chocolate!

Now we have a couple of kids in tow, this year we are planning an Easter Egg hunt in the garden. I remember doing this once, wandering around with a wicker basket collecting eggs. (Well maybe its a photo memory but never the less its etched in my mind). 

Easter food at the parents will probably be as described but when I though of this post I thought of nostalgia...

Soft boiled eggs with soldiers and Mums "Egg mashed up in a cup". Come to think of it she did "Banana mashed up in a cup" too. 

Unfortunately my soft boiled eggs were hard so plan B is documented! 
Enjoy and have a safe and relaxing Easter. 

These amazing wee sleeves were free in the egg packet - cute Easter shrinkies 

In an ideal world this image would be oozing with rich runny egg yolks

Mums "Egg mashed up in a cup" - with a twist.
All it is is boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt, salt, pepper and a touch of curry powder.   

Mum (now Nana) and her "Eggs mashed up in a cup" creation - perfect!

Homely and tasty, Perfect for an Autumn Easter at home - Eggs on toast 

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