Friday, October 21, 2011

A twist on classic french onion soup

Onions cheap and cheerful and make a delicious soup
I was in the mood for cooking something savoury. I find making stock and soups really therapeutic and relaxing however there wasn't much in my fridge. I have spent the last few days looking at a wilting aromatic celery that was left over form a "Life and Leisure" foodie shoot (yes a bit of name dropping here) and decided to make use of it. I looked around and the only other thing that would work was onions. Sprouting onions are better than no onions.
I love French onion soup, I love the sweetness, the cheesy croutons on the top and the sherry/Cognac/brandy kick. I though I would try a take on this classic dish and combine the onions with the celery and add a dash of milk/cream at the end to give it that creamy warmth. 

A satisfying and economical meal made from nothing! 
What you need
Oil or butter (I used both)
About 6 large onions
1/2 a celery
2 chicken stock cubes
About 1 - 2 litres of water
A handful of chopped Spinach
1/2 cup cream or milk
Parsley garnish

Healthy other than the cheesy toast! 
How to make 
Put the oil and butter in a pot 
Add the finely chopped onion and celery and saute until soft
Add the crumbled stock cubes and add water to double the volume in the pot (roughly) 
Salt and pepper to taste. 
Simmer for 30 mins or so until you have a nice flavour and the soup has thickened a wee bit. 
For the last 5 mins add the chopped spinach, this just need to wilt
Lastly add either cream or milk to give it that creaminess
Garnish with chopped parsley 

Serve with cheese and chutney on toast

Enjoy - its something made from practically nothing!


  1. So simple yet so delicious. looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks Mairi, it was very simple as well as super cheap to make! The photography took about 5mins to shoot as well. Amazing how you get things done quickly on a rumbling tummy!!!
    See you at the food bloggers conference!
    Vanessa and Ingrid