Monday, February 13, 2012

Pirate Party Food

Four years ago, our extended family was childless - Four years on there are three kiddies, with two on the way. All of them so far boys. I am having another boy and Ingrid wants a surprise, if Ingrid has another boy too, that will be five boys four and under - fun and games!!!
The kids having a ball with swords!!!
Our mum is a great organiser and loves to have fun. Christmas has featured a Santa Claus and helper for the last 3 years, clearly it's now extended to other family get togethers. The recent one was a pirate and fairy party - everyone was told what to bring and to dress up!
I was down for sandwiches and a salad. To be honest I was a bit over making sandwiches, having made them the last 2 weekends for kids get together so decided to do a kid friendly nibbles.
Wanting to keep things easy and healthy I opted for the following...
Potato and smoked fishballs
Maggi dip with cheesy sticks (not so healthy!)
Cheese and pineapple sticks
Perfect kid friendly food
Add to a bowl, 500g mince (I used beef), a few squirts of tomato sauce, a chopped onion and any leftover  chutney/relish you have lurking in your fridge.
Add salt and pepper and a few tablespoons of flour to help bind it.
Roll into balls and place on grease proof paper. I put mine in the fridge overnight as I wanted to cook them on the day so they were still warm but you can cook them straight away.
Instead of frying them, I just baked them at about 180 degrees for about 15-20 minutes - EASY!

Smoked Fish Balls
Boil about 6 large Agria potatoes and mash with a generous dollop of butter. In a food processor blitz a couple of handfuls of smoked fish. You could use tinned tuna/salmon. Combine and add salt and pepper.
Roll into balls and then roll the balls in semolina. (or breadcrumbs)
Once again place on baking paper and bake in the oven. I baked them both at the same time and the fish balls really did crisp up without adding any oil!  
Seriously easy party food
Maggi onion dip and cheesy sticks  
If you are a kiwi or maybe an Aussie you will know this one. Its so easy and really delicious.
Mix in a bowl one tin of reduced cream, one packet of instant powdered onion soup and a tablespoon or two of either vinegar or lemon juice. Mix and chill. I served it with some crunchy cheesy sticks I found in an Asian supermarket. Make a double batch - this wont last long.

Cheese and pineapple sticks 
A homage to the 80s, easy as, delicious in a naff kinda way but hey, its for the kids!!!
Place on a toothpick a cube of cheese (I used tasty) and a chunk of pineapple - that's it!
ridiculously delicious and moreish!
Kiwi onion dip - loved by everyone! 
So give it ago, host a pirate and fairy party, dressing up compulsory and have fun with the kids. Great photos and fantastic memories...

Thanks Val Opera,  Glenys Cannin and Charlotte Graydon for all the hard work with the decorating and organising - one to remember


  1. Looks like a pretty wild part, feel exhausted looking at the photos of the boys!

    Alli@peasepudding (seems to be the only way for me to leave a comment without Crome)

  2. My boy had a Pirate Party when he was 7 (or 8? I forgot!), all his friends dressed up, we drunk rum (juice) from pitchers, walked the plank, hunted for treasure, talked 'pirate' all afternoon, and the cake was in the shape of a treasure island... I think it was the best party for boys that we ever had, pity that now, at 11, he would feel too old for it, but I often thought of doing a 'grown up' pirate party just for the fun of it!

  3. The funniest thing is, this party wasn't for anyone's birthday, and it wasn't just for the kids! We would post some pics of the adults, however if their outfits even scared our children, they probably aren't suitable for our blog!!!

  4. I am sure my nephews would love this as they are both into pirates. Looks like real fun.