Monday, July 9, 2012

Kohu Road Creamery and Cafe

It was raining, so with all four kids in tow, their weren't many options for a peaceful and pleasant morning! So Vanessa called and said, " Lets check out Kohu Road Cafe, recommended in our best cafes to take the kids list, at least we can bribe the kids with ice cream! Vanessa made it there quite easily, I got lost (not unusual when you don't ever look at a map and you try and wing it) but I asked at the local paint shop (Kohu Rd cafe is located in the industrial area of New Lynn) and I was told look for two green poles, parkings a bit of a squeeze, but it was so worth it as the coffee alone was amazing.

When I arrived, Vanessa looked like she had bedded down for the night - Jake was happily checking out the 50's caravan, which according to one boy, "No adults  were allowed". Fine by us....that was exactly what we were hoping!

The Food
Most of the food is on display at the counter and cooked on the premises. (you can see the chef in action whilst at your table). Its rustic cafe style rather than full on meals but sure to please a variety of tastes. I had a freshly baked bacon and egg pie and Jake couldn't go past the sugary jammy doughnuts. When Ingrid and kids arrived they tucked into brioches with their coffee and fluffy. There was also a soup option on the blackboard menu.

Like Ingrid said, the caravan was a definite drawcard for two boisterous boys so leaving came down to bribery with ice creams. There were about a dozen flavors on offer as well as a freezer stocked with takeaway options.

The Kids
We are constantly on the look out for places to go that suit the boys, babies and us. We both love our coffee and the cafe scene and struggle to find places that fit the brief. Kohu Road cafe is spacious, not too precious, welcome kids with big open arms, and the staff are super friendly. It's a working creamery out the back, and the cafe is sectioned off with used lolly trays (see Jake below resting up) that you can purchase for $10. Perfect for breakfast in bed, toys or crafts, or paint with blackboard paint, add a rope and hang in your kitchen. The caravan is a winner, complete with a flat screen TV and selection of DVD's. Three comfy couches in front of caravan in which to watch the kids.

Initially we were just buying cookies and cream ice cream for the boys and as it was Monday and we were both on our post babies diets LOL. There is always next Monday! Ingrid and I tucked into the BEST chocolate sorbet EVER! The staff assured us it was dairy free but full of sugar.  I told Ingrid, you burn sugar quicker than fat, so we should be right. Ingrid replied, No chance, if we sit around cafe's all day! I would make the trip from the shore just for the chocolate sorbet, it was that good!

A great cafe to serve the needs of both adults and kids, go early if you want to get the parks, and don't leave without an ice cream.

Kohu Road Creamery and Cafe, New Lynn 
44 Portage Road, 
New Lynn
09 827 9990
Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4:30pm


  1. That place looks amazing. I'll be sure to visit next time we're in Auckland with our three girls. Always great to find somewhere kid-friendly, so we adults can have a proper conversation and a bit of a breather. x

  2. Thanks for the comment Vic, YES it gave us our coffee/cafe/chat fix whilst the boys were entertained!!!

  3. Hi,

    Molly is eight. She is reading this in Cambodia. She says," Oh my God, It's Dom! He makes the best hot chocolate in THE WORLD!! I need to go there!"
    See you soon Dom.

  4. Amazing - thanks so much for posting - next time we are there we will let him know...

  5. You got two little cute boys there! I haven't heard of Kohu Road Creamery and Cafe before. I'll try to go there this weekend with my little cousin.

  6. Oh I have to get their ice cream....golden syrup ice cream a favourite!