Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Voting: Sister vs sister - Round Two

We go head to head in our second cook-off for New World Supermarket's Real Magazine. Our challenge: To create a dish using that wonderful spring ingredient – asparagus!

The competition is on!

Growing up with an Italian dad, asparagus was commonplace at the table. His regular offering at barbecues was a salad of asparagus and hard-boiled eggs dressed in olive oil and vinegar, seasoned with salt and pepper. It's a winner. 
While living in the UK in our 20s, we noticed that in spring, restaurants went crazy putting new-season asparagus on the menu, most often served with a luscious hollandaise sauce. They even peeled the skin! We always giggled that asparagus was elevated to "entrée" status and treated like a delicacy because in our family home, it was tossed nonchalantly into a myriad of meals.
The recipes we've compiled are in remembrance of our wonderful Italian Nonna. See what we came up with and tell us what tickles your fancy by voting. All New Zealand voters go in the draw to win $50 New World vouchers

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