Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cheap Eats - leftover chicken

Cheap Eats 
Since doing a "feed a family for $5" guest post for SweetLiving Blog I have been thinking more about what I spend on food. Ingrid and I are both on maternity leave and down to one income so the reality is something has to give. Gone are the boozy foodie nights out, random clothes and makeup purchases, the gym membership and expensive bottles of chardonnay. 

Chicken and cannellini bean pate - a great way to use up leftovers...

When I shop I look for things I can stretch further without compromising on taste. For example I would never buy cheap mince but rather bump up the premium mince with beans. I bought 2 cooked chickens the other day for $20. They made a fantastic meal that night and the thighs were the first things to go, the next day I made Ingrid chicken wraps with lettuce, mayo and anchovies. The day after that the left over breast meat (it's never my favourite part) was looking a little sad, and unappetizing but with a little creativity I made this spread/pate. The beans, like with the mince stretch it out further  especially if you don't have that much leftover and the mayo and lemon moisten it up.

Other ways to serve this would be in crusty rolls, on crackers, in lettuce cups, in a tortilla wrap, a rice paper wrap or mixed through shredded lettuce and carrot.
Never throw away leftover chicken again!
Vanessa X


  1. Great solution to leftover chicken that's a little different, wish I had some to put on my toast this morning

  2. I hate throwing food away and this is a great way of using up a piece of chicken that might be languishing on the bone or looking sad on a plate.

  3. I am so trying that, it looks delicious! x

  4. Thanks guys, thats right never throw away that lonely chicken breast ever again...