Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best comment WINS a box of meringues!

Promotion - hmmmm why have a blog if no one visits...
So, sitting in the Neighbourhood bar in Kingsland, free wifi, delicious chardonnays and hand cut fries we brainstorm ways to promote our foodie photo blog.
Obvious choice - Facebook - between us we have quite a few contacts so we sent out the group message in the hope you will all support and "like" our first range of recipe gift cards that we have managed to sell already!!! Whoop whoop. They will be in gift and food shops around NZ from September! Check out range to the right via flickr.

We would love to hear your comments - and yes you will seriously receive a box of Vanessa's famous on the North Shore meringues - although if your not in Auckland we might have a challenge on our hands.

We are on a mission to get a cookbook deal so our next step is Range #2 and its all about Kids and Food so we want your kids! We will be in touch with details of the casting call soon. But it promises to be a fun (and very messy) day.

Vanessa and Ingrid


  1. Can I just start by saying I love your blog, I look forward to Foodopera popping up on my Dashboard. You are both so funny and talented and your photography is just beautiful! Your meringues esspecially make me want to get in my kitchen and whip something up. Alas I can not cook so I expect that since this is your first comment, it puts me in the running for a box of your delicious meringues.

    So very proud to call you both my friend, wishing you all the success in the world.

    x Ria

  2. This is so cool Ingrid! Well done :) I will definitely be adding these recipes to my repertoire :)

  3. woow...ladies after my own heart LOL...Johanna Cotter is my sis in law and led me to this awesome site, thanks Johanna :) i've tried those delicious corn fritters myself - they are my fave food LOL have fun & good luck, hope to cu when I'm over yr way one day :)