Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Banquet!

OK hold your horses no ones getting married...
So last night whilst putting Jake to sleep clearly I had too much time to think so thought I would be productive and design a menu for a wedding!
I have no idea why but here goes, its my idea of a perfect feast!

To begin...
Bluff oysters Au natural of course served on ice whilst sipping champers and cold beer.

SEAFOOD - Japanese sashimi platters with the freshest salmon and snapper served with the usual as well as Japanese seaweed. For the non raw-fish brigade BBQ ed garlic prawns and scallops (of course with the roe!!!) Finger bowls provided!

On the BBQ - the best eye fillet (MR) served with Bearnaise sauce, Caesar salad with anchovies, spinach/beetroot/red onion salad with a sweet berry dressing, a bean salad reminiscent of KFC and either dauphinoise potatoes or hand cut crunchy fries. Good job Ingrid is now a meat eater HUH!

Lemon tart - very zesty with berries and creme fraiche. maybe something chocolaty - haven't got that far...

The cake
A profiterole tower. chocolate dipped and filled with the most luscious creme patisserie stacked up in a tower and enforced with spun sugar.

Cheese board with dessert wine and port
A really delicious Blue, Feta, gooey Bri and a strong tasty hard cheese.

Coffee - REAL coffee made by a barista served with a square of russian fudge.

Midnight snack
Bacon butties with tomato relish.

Delicious - anyone keen for a wedding???

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