Monday, October 4, 2010

Kids and Lights

One of our ideas is 'Kid N Food - this is not quite what we had in mind! The beautiful Rhys decided to get in on the latest photo shoot and tuck into Ingrid's delicious coconut ice (OMG it was soooooooo delicious).
We are both loving the lights, a few hiccups and trial and error situations but the best use of our first pay cheque!

April 2011
Recent addition to hazzards of the job - not kids this time but cats!
My superstar cat, I guess it was the warmth of the lights or she just wanted my attention!  


  1. I was thinking about getting these lights, too...but didn't buy them. Maybe I should finally. The light they make looks awesome...

  2. Hi Frau, The lights have made a huge difference to our pictures as we both do most of our shooting at night. We now have one light each and use relectors to bounce the light back on the subject. Even with one light and in total darkness, they seem to illuminate the subject beautifully. Works for tabletop photography anyhow! and they are very cheap (compared to some lighting kits) - Let us know if you decide to buy the lights - would love to see your results. Ingrid and Vanessa

  3. Hmmm I posted this last night and the images looked ok. Viewing it today from my work computer (opps) shows a much darker image!