Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen Nightmares: Blind Baking

As usual I am cooking after Jake has gone to bed. Knowing what I know about myself, I work better in the morning however I have to work with the situation which means late evening cooking...

I decided to multitask and have facebook open at the same time and even better thought I would share with my cyber-buddies what I was doing as well as ask for a tip or two.

My post at about 10.30pm was - Blind baking - what can you use instead of the proper beans?
Lots of my wonderful friends messaged me back with dry rice or pasta suggestions. "Fantastic, I can do that - too easy!"

I did wonder how I was going to get the rice out of the cases and thought the only issue would be the cases falling into the sink with the rice - how wrong was I...

Instead of beautiful dry light brown pastry cases, I ended up with something that looked more crafty than edible - it looked like a rice mosaic pottery bowl!

Arggggghhhhhhh - what to do - surely my facebook buddies can help? Problem - it was now 11.30pm, they had all logged off and I was all alone with my creation and was expected to turn up at Ingrids with my beautiful mini apple pie pots the following morning.

Remedy - defrost sweet short crust pastry in the microwave, line the dish, spoon the spiced apple puree in and fingers crossed - pray for a sealed pie rather than a wet and soggy mess.

The food gods were looking out for me as the midnight hour beckoned...

Result - beautiful pale rustic looking apple pie pots. Two lids didn't seal properly so what better to do but sample...

Simple, comforting and delicious

"Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." Jane Austen

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