Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Discover Dragonfruit

I was perusing the fruit and vege shop the other day and I got quite excited when I came across this vivid and bony looking fruit. Bright cerise in colour, with a sharp exterior, I just had to see what was inside.

The shop girl got quite excited too, apparently she got hooked on Dragonfruit whilst travelling in Cambodia, she told me they taste a lot like kiwifruit but not as tart, she also said not too many people seem brave enough to try them. I said to her it was more likely the price ($6.90 NZ each) than the bravery.

However, I was curious, and I also wanted to photograph this little puffa fruit, inside and out. And visually, I wasn't in anyway disapointed. Cut open, the Dragonfruit was quite spectacular, as you will see from the pics. However, the taste test was a bit hit and miss. Here are the results of the taste test.

Dragonfruit taste test

Ingrid: Sweet tomato ending with a crunch (the seeds), pleasant, would be great in a 'flashy' fruit salad

Bloke: ordinary taste, bland, reminded him of something he couldn't quite remember which makes sense considering how boring this fruit was 

Rhys (16 months): I heart dragonfruit

Dragonfruit facts

  • It grows on a climbing cactus. 
  • It tastes better when stored in the refrigerator
  • To enhance the flavor, sprinkle it with a bit of either lemon or lime juice.
  • Dragonfruit can also be made into wine, fruit juice, or jam.
  • They have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people, such as rash, hives and swollen lips.

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  1. WOW thanks for that, I never knew what it looked like on the inside -you have motivated me to try it!